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The new Era

wherever, everywhere Who is able to read the signs? Are there signs? Is there truth, any truth? In 140 characters? No good times, I fear.

I can still see a small door

Tomlinson Drive, Informal Settle, Harare (OSM) Fleeing from my countrymen I have now made it to Finland. Friends I didn’t know yesterday put up a few beds in clean rooms. From the loudspeaker I can hear the victory messages of the scum. I study the map of the continent with curiosity. High above in Lapland… Read more »

Eden à la Swatch

Giardini – Biennale, Venice (OSM) The Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos created that artificial Garden of Eden for the 2015 Biennale, sponsored by the master of plastic watches, Swatch. Oh, nothing wrong with plastic watches, and nothing but admiration for the Swatch Brand Management, making generations of naives put down hard earned cash for a bit… Read more »