God Bless America


© Carl Weese

This wonderful image I bought as a Pt/Pd print from Carl Weese years ago, and I could not imagine anything more fitting for this dark election morning.

I’d so much wish it would be only a nightmare and I could wake up.


  1. Es ist wohl kein Albtraum, obwohl es ein Albtraum ist. Für mich erstaunlich: Das so viele Menschen glauben, das ausgerechnet Trump ihr Leben verbessern wird.

    1. Ja, Hans, es scheint wieder die Zeit für scheinbar einfache Antworten zu sein – leider wollen die meisten Mehr nicht mehr nachdenken als für ein “Like” oder einen retweet notwendig ist.

    1. Juha, even better is, what Stephen posted today..

      This just so unfortunate that the primitive mind can see itself in the majority. For myself I decided that I have to be more political – not in the sense of party politics, but actively confirming and promoting my opinion that empathy and intellect are the distinctive factors for humanity.

      There are no simple answers, only pied pipers will promote those. Unfortunately there are more than enough who follow them.

    1. John, thoughtful people should be welcome everywhere, and in Germany they certainly are – the more so as all over Europe one has to observe a move to the right/ultraconservative/nationalist/xenophobe. But we will try to do our very best to contain this development. I think better education and a more thoughtful use of the so-called “social media” have to be major building bricks in this process.

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