Fidays-for-Future Action Day

My wife found this inscription on the bathroom mirror of our daughters. They will fight – und we have to fight with them.

It probably starts with listening, not to F*x News or the clown-in-chief, but to the overwhelming majority of scientists. We believe that they know their business anyway, like when we go 55 mph in our car and can be sure that it will not blow up. Why shouldn’t we listen to their words this time?


  1. They’re right. The kids can see that the generation in charge isn’t getting things done. Every new report shows that even the scientists have been underestimating the rapidity of global warming—it’s already an emergency and the time for action should have been thirty years ago.

    1. Oh well – roughly 40 years ago I read “The Limits to Growth” and learned to distrust the myth of permanent economic expansion, but even while being alert to environmental problems, the urgency and speed of the climate change caught me off guard. And whilst I do a lot to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, it is by far not enough to bring my personal CO2 footprint down to the acceptable level. This causes really sleepless nights!

  2. Carl is totally right. What frightens me is the very small proportion of young people interested by the challenge they are facing, despite of important demonstrations of young people. In fact, 2 or 3 millions (young) people, it’s very few.

    1. Yes, Francis, in spite of the big numbers, in comparison to the global size of the age group, this is only a very small fraction. My pessimistic side would assume that many of their peers are black-friday-addicts. But honestly, the Fridays-for-Future movement is still carried along by a majority of well-educated (and in many cases well-off) kids who can indulge in the luxury of questioning the lifestyle especially of the northern hemisphere. But – and that is the difference to many politicians – the call for action and want an inhabitable planet for their future.

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