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Reichenbachbrücke, Munich

From what I read, a 11 years old boy was killed here by a lorry.

Mind you, this crossing has street lights, but especially right-turning lorries are a well known danger for cyclists, as their drivers claim to have not sight at the waiting cyclists but nonetheless just go on, trusting that cyclist cling to their dear life more than to the observation of traffic rules. …which I do as well, and only this morning I have yelled at a inattentive driver, who was misunderstanding his green traffic light as giving him unrestricted right of way even when turning right.

To reach cleaner air in our cities and to step forward in our fight against the (according to #46-1 Chinese-invented) climate change we need more, much more bicycle and public transport in our cities, at the cost of traffic space for cars. But not many want to risk their lives on a bicycle because traffic planners still apply last centuries’ rules when it comes to allocate room between cars, cyclists and pedestrians.

As a father of three, the death of a kid hits me deeply. It is time to wake up and make our cities a livable environment for the majority of the citizens, not only for cars.

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