Even if I knew that the World ended tomorrow, I’d plant an Apple Tree today

Harbacherstraße, Bayerisch Gmain (OSM)

And seen from afar, this still looks like a harmonic ensemble of farmhouse, barn, stable and orchard. Btw., it is this place where I made this image years ago: horse’s paradise

Here, so far

Taufkirchenweg, Bayerisch Gmain (OSM)

This church of Großgmain is in Austria, over the border we have learnt in the last decades to be almost non-existent in daily life. But in these times of plague, Austria suddenly is a foreign country, reachable only with test certificates. So for me there is a longing in this photograph that is hopefully restricted…

Uncompressed Midtones but shallow Depth-of-Field

Steilhofweg, Bayerisch Gmain (OSM)

Black and white rendering as well as depth of field are recurrent topics on The Online Photographer, usually with a dismissal of compressed tones and too shallow DoF.I see both as a deliberate decision on the side of the photographer: There are situations, where one or both seem to be the appropriate tool to render…