New Love in the Times of Plague

Steineralm, Bavaria

The times of plague have had adverse effects on my aging body’s fitness, therefore I bought a second-hand mountain bicycle some weeks ago. This turned out as a very good deal: The bicycle is a real beauty, roughly 25 years old but in very good condition, and my eagerness to work out grew with every…

Fence and Thuja

Ganghoferstraße, Bad Reichenhall (OSM)

The Thuja has it’s place on the cemetery, where those arborvitaes can be seen as signs of hope. In the garden I see it as an optical plague, at least when planted undiscriminatingly as a green wall behind the fence. It forms a barricade and cuts all optical and in consequence social connections between the…

Wham-O Automat and Fence

Frühlingstraße, Bad Reichenhall (OSM)

I struggled to find a word for that vending machine (dispenser? automat? crackerjack-box?) – these things were abundant in my youth, filled with cheap, colorant-laden chewing gums. Now they are rare. The fences might grow into a collection. In a certain sense they are the urban, German counterpart for the “no trespassing” signs. Certainly my…