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The Seven

Blumenstr., Munich (OSM) Seen from my new office, this is Munich’s most exclusive/elusive accomodation: “The Seven” sports apartments for the ridiculous amount of 22.000€/m², built into the carcass of a former heating plant.

Moonrise Over Freilassing

Freilassing, Bavaria Just days ago, Cedric posted his Moonrise over Minnipi, and besides savouring the image, I thoroughly enjoyed his writing on the subject of the time-spanning qualities that photographic images can have. My own moonrise certainly is not at all timeless – color seems to anchor images much more in presence that black &… Read more »

Moon From The Office Window

Munich, Bavaria Thanks to the winter and the so-called daylight saving time – more honestly to be called expenditure enticing time – it is still night when I arrive in the office, and sometimes the moon shows up over the vis-à-vis blocks. Nota bene: The sky was that incredibly blue in spite of my lowering… Read more »