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Freilassing, Bavaria

I made my camera sweeten the annoyance of a one-hour delay. Not that I am inflexible, but after almost 10h of working, a train delay is among the least welcome events.


  1. Hi Markus,
    Sorry to hear about your 10h day. Don’t you guys have a sweet 35 hr work week? 🙂

    I really enjoyed Munich on my last visit. What a great city.

    1. Eric, time to correct another urban legend 🙂 There are 35 hr work weeks in Germany, in certain parts of the metalworking industry. In public service it’s up to 41 hours. Add flextime to this, and at least sometimes a 10h day will result. And our high wages are the sink for all those taxes that are paid…

    1. That was the reason why I stopped being annoyed – it’s wonderful being able to make stepstones from all those obstacles in the way.

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