moon diptychon

speaking about time constraints, just imagine the following situation: you leave the house to catch the bus (2 days a week i work away from home in munich), the bus is early and leaves you waiting 10 min at -8°c, which is 18°f and not really comfortable. to make the best out of it you start shooting, notice the moon, notice the lamp post and try to figure out something reasonable, cropping loose, cropping tight and so on. finally you see the next bus approaching, pack away your gear when suddenly the streetlights switch off and the scenery changes. get the camera again, frame the shot hastily now as the bus is almost there, press the shutter and run for the bus, glad to get into the warm interior….

now that really was tight…

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  1. 😀
    I smiled at that story, sounds so familiar.
    I mean, the details (and the temperatures) are different, but the hustle, the “seeing the frame” etc, are the same.

    Great set, nicely done 🙂

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