the village behind the grove

it seems that this is my blue period. fortunately enough this concentrates on photography and is not a general description of my mood.

however the self-assignment of ‘learning to see’ seems quite a bit harder here in the wintery bavaria than it is in sri lanka. it’s not the time restrictions – on business trips they are even tighter – but the familiarity with the visual impressions around, i think. so opening the eyes, seeing without categorizing, absorbing optical stimuli and becoming aware of beauty in the well-known is what i learn.

beauty is a keyword in yesterday’s post of ‘the landscapist’ mark hobson. whilst i do agree with large parts of his argumentation thread, i am not sure if this ‘chasing the light’ is something to condemn: what many of those landscape photographers do accomplish is to portray a perfection in nature that is unknown to the majority of mankind. in my eyes this can be way beyond mere pretty-ness, this can be beauty. and this beauty can be the bridge to love, and this love is the first step to acknowledgement of value, of worthiness.

if this feeling for value could only a little bit balance the race for hypothesized shareholder value, i think a great many of mark’s concerns would be alleviated.


  1. Although I almost hate to admit, I also agree with much of Mark’s last post.

    …and very much with your feeling that chasing the light (or chasing the beauty in a landscape) is certainly not a shallow endeavour. Especially not if it’s an eye-opener.

    And last but not least: enjoy your blue period! I certainly do. 🙂

  2. Teh blues are really wonderful here especially when combined with the lights of the village just beyond the tree line.

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