1. LOL – thx. You know, I look at blogs in a feedreader at first before I visit to comment or to have a better look. With this post the first thing I saw was perhaps a third of the photo – part of the roof, the window and I said to myself: hey, he did it again!

  2. Earl, no denying it, just wondering: what makes this light special, on a mundane workday evening, the moon neither half nor full, an arbitrary time decided by the train’s delay. Yet it works, without doubt. But I have no answers, and thus, no “recipe”

    1. Markus, there are qualities of the light here I can’t define either — but it does work. In honesty, I would not want there to be “recipes” for everything in life…that would make things too predictable and would eliminate a certain degree of “special.” Even if this image was “a gift” it is enjoyable all the same.

      1. Earl, I am all with you regarding the recipe. I was thinking a bit of the landscape photographers’ efforts to be in the right place at the right time – nothing could be more different to the way this image was created. And yes, the amount of efforts doesn’t necessarily determine the qualiy of the image. At least not here.

  3. For me, what moves this image into the wonderful zone is the wire attached to the house—cut the wire and the house will fall over.
    This creates the most delightful tension!

    Well seen. Congratulations.

    1. Tyler, thanks for opening my eyes! While I was reasoning about light and moon and place, I forgot to inspect the image. Of course, that wire adds a kind of a surreal mechanism here. Without it, all balance is lost.

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