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Freilassing, Bavaria

Freilassing is a small town on the German-Austrian border, having grown fast between the World Wars as a significant crossing of railway lines along and cross the border. I sometimes go there for shopping, but more often than not my stay is compulsory due to some hickups in the railway system (percentually small, but often annoying none the less). One hour delay gives a good timeframe to explore at least the surroundings of the station. When the results are good, the annoyance subsides somewhat…


  1. This is Germany par excellence – could be anywhere in Germany. I Like that. Photos that show the typical world around here. Like with the staircases or the doors etc. you sometimes show.

  2. I love the ethereal, almost surreal quality of these windows—a natural collage of the gossamer curtains , the softness of the colors, the reflections and the flowers, framed by the window and wall. You are to be congratulated for seeing and recording it. Outstanding!

  3. Martha, Martina, thanks for your positive feedback, especially as this is what I regard as a difficult subject: portraying profane reality without kitsch, without false romanticism, just as it is, acknowledging that it is beautiful just this way.

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