bad reichenhall in moonlight

two days after full moon i finally managed to go out together with a handful of photographer friends to try some night shots of our hometown. the intensity of the moonlight was so high (and my lens protection filter probably not clean enough) that i got lens reflections – i never thought this could happen from moonlight.

bad reichenhall in moonlight(2) “padinger alm” is a popular inn over the valley of bad reichenhall, just on the shoulder of mt. staufen, which you see in the background. image quality turns out to be less then optimal when pixel peeping, but the time was short and the purpose of the shots a slide show, so i didn’t bother to always resort to the lowest iso.


  1. the branches close perfectly this beautiful and peaceful picture… perfect frame !

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the blue skies and the lights in the night. (I too have flare issues when photographing moons!)

  3. re. the ghost: the mountain to the left is “Untersberg”, and according to the legend, written down in a telltale of the brothers Grimm, emperor Karl (Kaiser Karl) sits right in this mountain and sleeps. Another saga says that emperor Friedrich sleeps there and when he wakes up the end of the world will be there.
    So what you see is probably the Imperial Ghost.

  4. Totally breath catching. What a masterful use of light, fog, color… All blends together to a wonderful image. Love it!

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