Moonrise Over Freilassing

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Freilassing, Bavaria

Just days ago, Cedric posted his Moonrise over Minnipi, and besides savouring the image, I thoroughly enjoyed his writing on the subject of the time-spanning qualities that photographic images can have.

My own moonrise certainly is not at all timeless – color seems to anchor images much more in presence that black & white ever does – but maybe beautiful in a Robert Adams sense. And personally iconic it is for me, as these early mornings on the platform of a train station are important parts of my life, transition points where the impending bread job working day becomes tangible.


  1. Glad you enjoyed my post Markus. I always like your railway related posts because I too spend a fair bit of time commuting by train.

    How is it that your moon has a black line around it? Or is it just my monitor (which, I might add, has been acting up a bit so it could well be just on my computer).

    1. Aah, commuting. As it eats a substantial part of my time – daylight time, suitable for photography – I once decided to try at least to make the best out of it.
      Re. the black line: strange – I can only imagine it’s a sharpening artefact, aggravated by the moons brightness and the sharp transition. I will try to mask it out before sharpening, but I am still not sure if that image prints at all.

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