#FridaysForFuture – Vote!

#FridaysForFuture - Vote!, Rathausplatz, Bad Reichenhall, Politics, Urban
Rathausplatz, Bad Reichenhall

Today again saw a FridaysForFuture rallye in my hometown. This time in good weather, a god crowd came, cheered, walked and had a die-in in the pedestrian zone.

It was a joy to see that today not only students were there, but also their teachers, parents, grandparents and friends. The oldest lady in the march was 82 – the grandmother of the organizers.

With the elections for the European Parliament already in full swing, the rallye had a second message additionally to the call for climate protection: Go, vote!


    1. Carl, we count us lucky indeed that this revolutionary spirit has caught traction in the elections for the European parliament. I hope so much for the U.S. that sensible and intelligent politics will take over finally!

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