To mourn the victims of Paris and to fight hatred

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… is the commandment of the hour.

Unfortunately the very first reflex from the supraesophogeal ganglion of some politicians here is to shift to the right, to blame the influx of refugees and in that way preparing the grounds for right-wing radicals and new national socialists, instead of analysing how many wrong decisions of the past have prepared the grounds for this killer group. I deny them the adjective ‘islamist’, as they curse the name of Allah in their deeds.

Human rights are indivisable, and refugees are under protection of United Nations charters. The innumerable volunteers who helped to deal with hundreds of thousands victims of war coming to Germany have proven humanity, only to be ridiculed especially by the Bavarian political class. I can only wish that such movements retain majority over the (in the end anti-democratic) war rhetoric of those speaking faster than they think.


    1. Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité: That is what those killers fight because they never understood it. I do hope that we will prevail, and that we can do this in the most peaceful way possible.

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