1. Earl, this is definitely a development to be observed all over the world that shakes me to the core. It seems that huge parts of mankind are unwilling to respect even the most obvious rule for a civil society, namely that all (wo)men have entailed human rights. Instead in so many countries thought frames of superiority and with it the oppression of “others” become more and more prevalent. It’s maddening!

      1. I share your reactions to the current state of things! At least here, some of it is born from class desperation, from changing the social conditions from an old power base (mainly white male) to something different. I don’t believe these changes can be permanently stopped, but there may be a rough transition period as the old struggle to hang on. The pandemic and recent more arduous economic conditions have probably added to this “desperation.” But that is just my thinking.

        1. Earl, you are certainly right on this – especially that this development is irrevokable (and shouldn’t be…)
          Here in Germany and in many other European countries two main breaking lines came up: Racism towards immigrants (again) and the (mainly) unwillingness of men to part with what they saw as their innate right of dominance. The multi-faceted crisis of the last decades as well as the aggravating economic situation for many has created a mindset of being permanently upset, feeling penalized – and suddenly even the most rational adaptations to a changing world get aggressively challenged. Rough times, and hard to get voices of moderation listened to…

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