International Migration Day – Harare Advertisement Trees

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December 18th is International Migration Day, and as all over Europe there are ongoing discussions about refugees as the currently most visible (and always most vulnerable) group of migrants, I decided to add a subtle gallery on that topic to my website. Perhaps you want to have a look at the images first. Just click on the teaser photograph below.

Now, the question is, how do those Advertisement Trees relate to the topic of migration?
Every businessman tries to improve his business, and investments in advertisements usually pay off quickly by attracting new customers. But when salaries are low, the political situation is volatile, the currency is lacking stability, corruption is everywhere, government is violent, democracy is just pretended, cash is scarce and even fuel can become a rare ressource overnight, how much can you safely invest in advertising? Your income is barely sufficient today, and tomorrow the situation might be completely different, so investing more than a minimum would probably be foolish.
That way, these minimalistic advertisements hint to a facet of the African tragedy.

And whom, that I ask you, could you blame if he wants to escape such a situation and find at least a minimal better environment for his life.

We in north-western Europe, especially in Germany, live in rich countries growing older, with lesser and lesser numbers of young working people paying into our pension funds. But those post-factual, belly-driven right wing nuts really believe that a shrinking and aging population could maintain its living standards without immigration. I’d only wish that all those xenophobes had to spend a week in a hospital being taken care for only by staff of their own nationality. They might starve or literally drown in their own s**t.

In case you wonder about this sermon of mine: After the T***p election I had stated that everybody has to become more political and clearly articulate his opinion. Otherwise those who exchange loudness for facts will always win.

And, for the sake of clarity: The masculine form in the text above is to be read as a generic masculine that implies both sexes. Gender equality is not a luxury.


  1. Markus, I have no idea what happened, or how you fixed it, but I am able to see your posts now. You have reward me with a wealth of images. Thank you.

    1. Hi Jeff, I did not change anything on the server side. Most probably the server encryption certificate finally got accepted by your browser.

      I am glad you like the images!

  2. Very nice series, Markus. I have to wonder what kind of situation would require someone knowledgeable about Geyser Repair.

  3. Interesting gallery of photos and wise words. Unfortunately so many people do not like to think about. For sure we, living in rich countries have to work on this and probably we’ll have to pay somehow a price in order to rebalance the richness in the world. But if we do not do it now I’m afraid we’ll have to p√≤ay a much higher price in future. Just my idea…

    1. Robert, unfortunately the knee-jerk reactions are everywhere the same: Just get the problems out of sight, let somebody else deal with it, but that did not work in the past and will not work now or in the future. And greed respectively the unwillingess to share is a big driver of human behaviour.

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