Merry Christmas 2015


Bad Reichenhall

Merry Christmas to you all, and peace to all mankind!

Another year nears its end, but this one was special for me personally in one aspect: As many Germans, I had a quite detached relationship to my home country, seeing mainly its faults and failures (of which there are many). That we managed to accept 1 million of refugees in 2015 and did this with according to the wish of our chancellor (and in spite of the grumpy resistance of the majority of Bavarian politicians), this makes me somewhat proud of my country. And my biggest wish is that we can make this immigration a success story, while at the same time help to clean up the mess created especially in Syria. Down there it’s mainly the weapon producers who make big profits, and they will continue to fuel this war until a poltical decision is taken including all the relevant parties.

As this is a Christmas post, I will not continue on this track of thoughts, it might end too pessimistic.


Let me close it with this: All relevant religions, but also all philosophies (with the notable exception of Ayn Rand’s) see the target of society to enable humans to live in it in certain degrees of freedom and prosperity. The amount of freedom condeded certainly differs, but in most modern societies it is consensus that it is growing over the generations. It is the extremists’ (of all colours) target to diminish these liberties, and their main weapon are lie and betrayal. Let’s not fall for these, but try our best to grow peace and freedom.

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  1. You have much to be proud of your country for extending a caring hand to the people in need, in dire need. I wish I could say the same for many of the politicians where I live, in the USA. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    1. Thanks, Cemal, same to you!

      There is indeed this positive side of our country. Unfortunately the ugly side is here too, especially in the form of malicious arson of accommodations for refugees, and a political non-party that re-uses the vocabulary of the Nazi against press and politicians, especially in the former Eastern Germany. A lot to be done in 2016…

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