1. In Bayern, Jürgen?
      Um die Stimme des Volkes aus dem Mund von Gerhard Polt zu zitieren: “Wir in Bayern brauchen keine Opposition, mir samma (‘wir sind’, Anm. d. Ü.) selber dagegen!”

  1. Capitalism may have its faults and problems, but I know of no other economic system that is better. This might be an opinion of a Marxist, but clearly Marxism doesn’t work..

    1. Jeff, given that stickers tend to, no, have to simplify, I read this as dissatisfaction with capitalism, salted with some provocation in the form of the Marx portrait.

      I have to agree with you: there’s no replacement for it – but vast space for improvement! I am especially thinking of the German post-war idea of “Soziale Marktwirtschaft”, social market economy, a market oriented system with components aimed at cushioning hardships.

      Plus we have now the challenges of climate change and world wide records of species’ extinction…

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