New Gallery “Tree Shadows”

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Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria

All the Christmas and New Year related errands didn’t stop me seeing (a small wonder, by the way), and so the drawings of the sun on walls and plaster did not escape my attention. When the shops were closed and no more things could be acquired and brought into the flat, I set out again only with the 90mm-e lens on the camera to capture what was offered. It was pretty late already, and so I had to resort to that part of our town that wasn’t submerged in shadows already at three o’clock in the afternoon. But what was left was well worth photographing, I think. The gallery can be reached via the menu, a click on the lead image, or this link.


  1. Excellent idea for a series Markus. I would add that your compositions are perfect though the only one that seemed somewhat out of place for me–out of sync might be a better way to put it–was the one of the tree shadow on the ground. In any case, I could well imagine these shots printed, framed and hanging in a gallery. I think it would make for an engaging exhibition.

    1. So you saw my weakness in editing, Cedric: Admittedly that only one backlighted image does not fit in the series – neither in terms of lighting nor subject.

      And I thought about a gallery indeed: There are so many empty shop windows in my hometown that I am considering a wandering gallery named “vacancy” or “space for rent”. 6 easels plus large metal sheets to fix the prints with magnets should be sufficient, and then I wait for the customers rollin’ in 😉

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