Tree Shadows


  1. Some look like ugly monsters that are going to grab us with their monster tentacles!

    Nice gallery – I like it very much. The idea, too.

    1. Martina – you saw too many horror movies recently. Ah, no, I am just too sober, illusionless, square…

      Thanks for the praise! I am going to print them to accumulate more accolades…

      1. I don’t watch horror movies. Mostly because … I am too easily impressed. 😉
        Last Saturday our washing machine made some conundrum, it moved a little bit and touched the wall while spinning. It was extremely loud and I was very frightened. My first thought: OMG ZOMBIES ARE IN THE HOUSE AND ARE ATTACKING US!

        not kidding.

        1. You see, that’s the difference. For me ‘zombie’ is just a nickname, but I the zombie attacks I read about in ‘Skulduggery Pleasant’ didn’t create a permanent impression – reading makes it easier for me to separate illusion from reality, while with film I can’t.

          But your impression was spot on – truly in the Minor White sense of ‘what else it is’.

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