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  1. Interesting that I often can’t tell from your photos when I see them first on twitter or my feedreader where they have been taken: Brussels, Munich or Frankfurt. There seem to be some shared European urban vistas.
    Bad Reichenhall of course is always distinct. 😉

      1. Less graffiti – more pseudo-marble lions in the backyards perhaps 😉

        I just did a quick browse through some of the Bad Reichenhall tagged photos – I am under the impression you are taking more photos there in the winter months that in the summer months – might this be right? It was a quick browse, though.

        1. There is certainly an exchange: while I can “see” at home too, new locations can act as eye-openers and improve perception at home, too. But admittedly the fascination of my hometown is on a lower, steady level (like in an old marriage, maybe?) and there are no butterflies in the stomach any more when I set out to take pictures here.

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