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Working on prominent lines and combining strong foreground with a blurred, yet still informative background, I found new joy in wideangle perspectives. Of course I am curious if the partial unsharpness I deplored in my widangle images from Budapest and Krk is a problem of the lens – then I would be willing to replace it – or the photographer. If it’s, as I tend to assume now, the photographer, then I could assign the money set aside to replace it for a workshop, probably on the landscape subject.


    1. Don, I did catch a number of bikers, but it was certainly a big portion of luck that in this frame position and colors both were fine.

  1. Markus, when speaking of the photographer I would choose to use the term “repair” instead of “replace” — such as, “sending the photographer to a workshop for repair.” 🙂

    However, with this outstanding image I see no reason to worry about lens or photographer — it’s a wonderful combination of clarity, motion blur and slight background bokeh. Well done!

    1. Earl, here I deliberately used “replace”, as it is not economical to repair a four years old, US$ 350,- lens – better put in in a closet and buy a new one instead.
      Yes, looking at this image there is no reason to look for a different lens. I will investigate the reasons for the unsharpness I have discovered, but I guess it’s located behind the viewfinder, as it is most of the time 😉

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