Mikroszkóp Színpad

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Mikroszkóp Színpad is a theater in Budapest. While my wideangle zoom gets only rarely exercise, sometimes it proves to be a real asset. But the drawback of using it only rarely is, that I sometimes forget the basics, like in this case: The fastest f-stop was definitely an inconsiderate (non-)choice and introduced a lot of avoidable blurriness into the image. This is a major problem, as the lens is de-centered and the left side of the image is considerably softer than the right side. Still – point of view/perspective and dynamics make this image a keeper for me.


  1. You have a consistently peculiar way of seeing Marcus which rarely fails to inspire me. And this image is among your freshest feelings by the way you’ve filled the fame so unexpectedly. It is quite wonder-filled.

    I am curious though re. the brand of the lens you used. While the result here is powerful, I think I want to avoid the limitations you’ve discovered by… staying away from this particular piece of glass.

    1. Ted, thanks a lot for the positive feedback!
      Re. the lens: This is my old Tamron 11-18mm zoom, which has gotten some postive reviews, one even on luminous landscape – and M. Reichmann is used to really good tools. My specimen however got dropped some years ago and I still couldn’t or didn’t want to allocate the money to replace it.

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