Golden Light at the Backwaters

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Sunday ended with a short excursion, one of the daughters with me. Talking a little bit, explaining to her an older film camera but also various plants and insects, and enjoying the last light of the sun, already hiding behind rain-filled clouds, but still providing a golden shine. Quality time, a reservoir for a week full of work.

And this is another aspect of landscape photography, not the grand scale, and not the glorious light and full creamy color. I recently had a conversation with Martin Storz of the public eye blog, and I would highly recommend to have a look at his blog and his take on ‘landscape’.


  1. Markus, I’ve recently become a fan of subdued color and lighting landscapes, as demonstrated in my own recent postings, so this image is pleasing to me.

    I followed the link to Martin Storz’s blog and with the help of “Google Translate” spent time admiring his own brand of landscape photography. I find it very exciting to widen my interpretation of nature and photography through the work of others — it’s like receiving a great gift. Thanks for sharing the link.

    1. Earl, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Certainly the mainstream is more on the side of vivid colors and strong shapes and lines, but I could imagine a movement for the less flashy shapes and colours will find its followers.

  2. Muted landscapes in all its incarnations has a definate place in landscape photography. When talking about pictures that occur in blogs, on flikr and similar sites: there seems to be a certain trend to follow the seasons. That is, currently there might indeed be a bit of a focus on strong, sunny colors. Might change in a couple of months…

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