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Never leave the house without the camera – and never hurry. I was sent on a mission to capture some pastries for sunday afternoon and did hide the camera well to avoid admonishments re. loitering et. al. And after business I saw this board, which I have probably passed hundreds of times, always in the car, bound for something important. Stop I did this time, got the 25+ years old minolta tele zoom lens (the famous beercan), which allowed me to stand in safety and cover the distance over the street and get just the right crop. Sunday saved.


  1. I think stapled barns are an alpine (okay, South of the Main River …) phenomenon – I have never seen this around here – the reason might be there are not that many wooden barns around here … okay …

  2. Thanks to all for the thumbs-up!
    @DrSlony: Yes, there are so many untold stories in it, and it also shows the decay, the vanishing of what was once colorful and for the moment important
    @Juha: This moment of tension until the subject reveals itself is what I like so much in this image.
    @Don: Well, this was written a bit tongue-in-cheek: I tend to get “absorbed” by photography, so my family is somewhat careful when they see me taking a camera for a shopping trip. They fear it could take longer than necessary
    @Martina: Here we still have plenty of old barns and stable doors, and in busy places they still are informal information exchanges – sometimes tolerated, quite often not. And especially the latter leads to removed posters but leftover staples.

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