‘R’ for Reservation

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Commuting again, while the summer weather takes a break to make place for rain showers and cold temperatures around 13°C in the morning (that’s 55°F for you folks outside the metric system). My self chosen lens diet – only the wideangle – is not a diet in the sense of restriction, instead reveals constantly new images to me. And meanwhile I even manage to create shallow DoF frames – it’s all a question of moving near enough.


    1. Thanks Juha, now it’s corrected. I had prepared this post on a local wordpress installation and then copied and pasted it to the live blog. On my computer of course the image showed up, and I did not notice that it came from the wrong (local) host.

  1. I just waited this out yesterday and thought, Markus will fix it (another point was that I didn’t want to be the one again who is complaining, ;-)).
    It was worth the wait – the corresponding letters in the foreground and the background, the almost monochrome foreground vs. the coloured background, I like that very much.

    1. Ah Martina, you’re fearing my attitude of killing the bearer of a bad message, aren’t you :)) ?

      Glad you like it! These sceneries where a color is prominent but not vivid could become a new obsession of mine.

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