Chernobyl or “Only Two Things Are Infinite”

Chernobyl Salad. Tagged with
Photo of H. Kohl: ¢ Der Spiegel, 1986

What has salad to do with Chernobyl, and what the heck has Chernobyl to do with infinity?

For the records: April 26th is the sad anniversary of the atomic catastrophy of Chernobyl. The victims of Chernobyl have not been counted, the true number has never been published, and thanks to this precaution of an inhuman regime, the abusers of nuclear energy still can make profits without limits.

The reason for this catastrophy has not been stupidity, probably more hybris. But utmost stupidity was the reaction of our government(s), trying to soothe use with lies when the fallout was already contaminating country and people. Visible spearhead of their campaign was the wife of the then-chancellor, Hannelore Kohl: She got herself photographed with a salad fresh from the market, in order to demonstrate that everything was under control, vegetables from the fields and gardens were harmless and there was no reason to worry.

Yes, Einstein was right: while infinity of the universe is not yet proven, infinity of the stupidity of certain exponents of the leading castes substantiated 1986 in a salad.

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