Spring in the City III

Spring in the City. Tagged with

In spite of the temperatures starting to rise to summerly heights, in those streets where the trees get only part-time exposition to the sun, the spring colors are still delicate. Fine for a walk when commuting traffic already subsides and the last sunlight gives the white blossoms a golden glow. (Oh yes, and I have to plead guilty again. I added some saturation. Mea culpa.)


  1. What’s this Mea culpa? I could have sworn you told me that altering a photo was creating art…or words to that effect. No apologies necessary! Fine photo!!!

    1. Martha, this Mea Culpa is a bit of teasing: “The Landscapist” (you find the link in my blogroll) for a certain time was on a crusade against the “pretty picture crowd”, accusing them to indiscriminately increase the saturation in order to create spectacular images.
      I do agree with him in the sense that saturation per se is not an indicator of quality. It has, as most other instruments, used with care and in the right places. In this image I thought a bit additional saturation added to the image.

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