Asphalt Line

Asphalt Line. Tagged with Bad Reichenhall, Nonn

Another kind of street photography, easier for me as the continous sneezing announces my activity to all potential human subject matter. The two different kinds of line interested me, and exploring the image in it, I tried b&w for a moment, but gave up again as the bluish tones of the shadows and the warm colors of the bright areas added more to the image than I could win by stronger abstraction.


  1. The angle of the shadow makes me thing that there has been a lateral shift between the area on the left and that on the right; ‘plate tectonics’…but it is only just the afternoon shadow!

    I like!

    1. Tyler, this is my own little California… Only that the San-Andreas-Fault is a bit smaller here 😉
      But that is what I learned to cherish in those times where I can’t travel: Finding such small interesting arrangements, taken away from their materiality.

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