Being out with the kids on a slope for sleigh riding (with all due diligence, it’s just a year that I postedthis), I retreated a bit from the crowd and spent some time at the edge of the woods. The shapes of the logs I always find interesting, but then: this is a subject matter that’s probably photographed to death already. The combination with the people on the hill fascinated me, even more so when using unsharpness as a means of generalisation.

From Peter Stewart's blog

But now for something completely different: Danish photographer Peter Stewart is on my reading list since a long time. He has a collection of (mainly) very quiet, even meditative seascapes. After a period of irregular posting he seems to have found his sources of power again. So if you have a faible for landscapes of the silent, definitely not hue-and-saturation-to-the-max type, then you should mine his blog for real gems and stay tuned for his new work.

Logs and a Recommendation


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  1. Markus, thanks for the nod and link to Peter Stewart’s site. He’s done some beautiful work I really like so I’ve subscribed to his feed to see what comes next.

    Over photographed or not, I like the snow covered logs and the people do add an edge to the scene.

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