Monochrome Slope

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Monochrome light like this I’ve met only rarely: Besides a little bluish cast, the subject matter is almost completely without color. Only when viewing the original file at pixel size I found yellowish spots in the rocks, but the rest are just shades of white and grey. Even the fir trees had lost their green over the distance. But even more intriguing for me was that curved slope that is like a curtain, opening just a partial view on the mountains in the background.


  1. The image of the curtain is very appropriate. So: very good composition, :-). Yes, it is monochrome weather at the moment!

  2. Beautiful view – I saw something like this in Austria a couple of years ago. It’s quite amazing the way colour sometimes simply doesn’t exist in a photo.

  3. Looks great – and the color range is remarkable similar to the landscape we have had here in Finland for some weeks. But we don’t have the mountains, it is flat here.

  4. A helluva a shot, Markus. Great lights, great colours, magnificent! Happy new year to you & yours. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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