Playful in the Cold

Playful in the Cold(2)

Leaving the hill where the kids were sleigh riding once more, today’s hike led into the shadowy areas of the Hochschwarzeck mountains. Not that I found spectacular things there, but the scenery seduced me to play a bit with photographic possibilities.

And finally I got around to re-write my scripts for downloading and geo-tagging all my raw files.Phil Harvey’s exiftool is the core of this functionality, the rest is some shell scripts and perl programs to for the name of the place that image was taken. The end result is an xmp sidecar file that contains the coordinates plus sub-location, location/city and state in a format that gets read and prolifered by my favourite raw converter, bibble5. Oh yes, bibble5 got released just a week ago, and it really is a fine piece of software. When the plugin developers have released their addons for the new version, there is almost no necessity (for my style of photography) to use gimp on an image any more.

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