happy end of a sleigh riding accident

thanks god the eeg showed that everything is ok now. our youngest daughter suffered from a concussion after a sleigh riding collision on new years eve. today we went for the 2nd eeg as the first one was not to the full contentment of the neurologist, and now there are no signs of an adverse effect on the brain any more.

and again i learnt in what a happy environment we live: fully equipped hospital with motivated, skilled, and not exhausted staff. and then the pictures from the hospital in batticaloa come back to my mind, and the stories i had to learn there: about all the shortages everybody from the cleaners up to the director have to live with, the arbitrariness of government decisions and the discrimination of tamil institutions – i could go on for quite a while. on wednesday i will leave again for sri lanka for a project mission. give god that the fighting will come to and end and there will be peace between all groups of population. it’s only that all signs are against this…


  1. Oh my goodness! You all must have been so worried! I am so happy she’s OK. And I hope tonight you all get a good night’s rest.

  2. Great that all is well. That must have been scary. If only children everywhere had access to good care..

  3. Thank God she is fine…that must have been pretty terrifying for you all.

    Despite the scary events that precipitated this photo, it is a really good image. Very well done, just under bad circumstances. But all is well thank God.

  4. hi markus and best wishes to you and your family ! I am happy for your daughter and her health !
    thank you very much for your appreciated comment, for the link to my blog and at last but not least to have made me discovering your really good work… see you soon !

  5. All the best to your family – and my best wishes to your daughter for a speedy recovery!

    And yes, you definately have a point – such circumstances makes one remember how fortunate we are to live in such highly developed countries. It’s one of the few occasions, where one can state that without hesitation…

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