City Illusions

Moving to the new wordpress blog still has some issues. Notifications are coming in that commenting does not work, the feed does not show images, load times are too long, the blogroll is not sorted correctly and so on. Even with 2 computers at hand it is difficult to find out the culprits, and it is time consuming.

Probably the web 2.0 functionality of the fusion wordpress theme with its usage of the jquery library has some compatibility issues with certain browsers, and maybe wordpress needs another plugin to pep up the feeds. A lot of things to explore, but the weather forecast for the weekend predicts rain, so there are probably some time slots to tune the blog.


    1. Debra, thanks for the positive feedback. There is always a lot of work invested in such a move of the software platform, so it’s good to see it appreciated.

    1. Thomas, thanks for the hint. The fusion theme certainly is elegant, but it does have some minor flaws – gray on white among them, and heavy jquery usage as default that breaks compatibility with older browsers. So there is still some work ahead. Otoh that WP dashboard and several plugins provide really excellent added functionality in comparison to blogger.

  1. Oh yes, WP is far better than blogger – with the added peace of mind that one has much more control over the site.

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