Shot with the iPhone SE


Somewhere in the Subway, Munich (OSM)

After the tragic events of Nice, writing a blog post is hard, and my otherwise abundant sarcasm feels completely inappropriate today.

Being the background of that catastrophy whatever it may be – today the public still knows next to nothing, but the right-wing nuts already abuse grief for their hatred – the natural reaction of fear is not appropriate. We fear too much, but not the dangerous things: trips in a railway have always been safer than any trip in a car, but after that train accident in Italy (or any other) our feelings betray us with a subconscious fear, making us behave differently. And if that tragedy in Nice has a terrorist background (up to now there are only scarce facts known about the assassin), that fear would be exactly the intended effect. So I do hope that the majority keeps calm and does not sacrifice freedom for a safety it will never achieve. France was one of the origins of humanism, and in spite of all the recent bloodshed, it seems that a great part of the society still sticks to those values.

My deepest sympathy goes to the victims, their relatives and friends.