Octoberfest Outfitter


Train Station, Munich

So Carl started it, and whilst Octoberfest has finished in Munich, some images had found their way in my camera. Regarding traditional costumes, Octoberfest might multiply the number of Dirndl and Lederhosen, the Bavarian-of-a-hundred-years-ago outfit for women and men, in comparison to what’s already worn in the countryside by the more tradionally oriented (and often organised) people. However what you might get here in the train station is just a preposterous ripoff, printed instead of woven, polyester instead of linen, made for some crazy hours of drunkenness and not more. Yet several hundred thousand tourists buy it and obviously like it: Can they be wrong?

In Waiting


Train Station, Pivka

This post marks the end of the Slovenia-stretch here in the Spillover part of the blog. While the ‘Main Blog’ will continue with some more images from Lyon, I still have to decide what to post here in this thread. Originally it was meant for the more eclectic but not so coherent daily photography in contrast to thematically more strict posts on the main blog, but as it is with intention (especially the one to write more), real life kicks in and the posting structure has to adapt to the given material.