Chagall on the Wall

Office rooms on the ground floor with at least partial possibility to peek in from outside are rare. Therefore I was a bit astonished when I saw that Chagall poster on the wall and, after a while, noticing the head of the employee, motionless, either on the phone or using a computer in a very concentrated manner.

Chagall on the wall(2) The posts and wires that form the shadows on the office walls come from a side arm of the multitude of railway tracks that lead to Munich terminus. Turning around by 180°  and walking some 20 meters, the scenery was as such:


  1. It looks like a delightful place to work. An office like that makes the job so much better. I love that railroad scene as well.

  2. Ah – this is what walking in the city is all about to me – noticing the curious incidentals such as a picture on an office wall…..nicely captured visual moment.

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