Autumn flowers in the city

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Today’s fine weather seduced me to make a detour on my way home, leading to unknown places along the main railroad track into Munich terminus. I had left the office building for maximum 2 minutes until my mind had switched completeley to photography and recreation. Great.

dsc19928s The image to the right is probably in danger of being kitschy. Still, the city has its quiet corners and some of them offer remnants of wilderness contrasting with machinery. And since several years, the ecological value of those niches is accepted and measures are taken to ensure that those stepping stone biotops don’t get degraded by accident. New development plans do take into account the biospherical qualities of those areas and respect lifelines for some rare species inhabiting such places.

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  1. Two really fine images , especially like the smaller one with the diesel engine in the meadow, I am sure it will print beautifully.

  2. A test to see whether the comment function is working. Good luck with the new blog platform, Markus!

    I like this picture very much, too…

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