Baumgarten, Bad Reichenhall (OSM)


To overcome the one and only negative side effect of the home office, namely lack of exercise caused by the minimal distance between desk and coffee maker, last spring I have started cycling, and I try my best to maintain exercise even in winter, albeit not so much in the mountains but in the valleys. The snow gives enough resistance to create a good training effect. Funny enough I found it very difficult in the beginning to combine cycling and photography: The motion-induced endorphines made me cycle on and on instead of stopping when it would be a good opportunity to photograph. But slowly I am getting better.



  1. Biking in winter is great fun, and bike tires grip well in new snow, but ice can be treacherous. What you need is a fat tire bike. The grip and security is amazing, and it is still a fine workout. I also found it hard to combine photography and biking. Pictures were mostly in my mind.

    1. Definitely fun, Jeff, I fully agree. Especially in fresh snow, when you only hear a low level whizz from the dispersed snow while cruising through a otherwise silent landscape. This bike is already a oldtimer, built approx. 1995, from the best Aluminium tubes. Therefore 2.1″ tires are the biggest dimension possible for this frame.

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