Global Warming for Everyone

Global Warming for Everyone. Tagged with Urban
Durban, South Africa

Today was the warmest january day in my hometown since the beginning of temperature recordings. So I guess we get our share of global warming (which doesn’t exist according to some well paid brainwashers…).

And of course you should read Juha Haataja’s blog. Additionally to the images he is posting with remarkable stamina, last thursday he quoted the NYT on those heinous crimes in France. Worth reading.


  1. An excellent composition, the text of the ad and the rest of the photograph offering lots of possible interpretations. Like good poetry, one can read this on many layers and different interpretations.

    And thanks for the pointer. There have been quite a few clear-headed columns and cartoons about the terrorist acts in France, but it remains to be seen how the situation develops. Already one gets an idea that in the murky corners of the internet and in some political forums there is trouble brewing, but one shouldn’t allow these clowns to define the rules. One needs to be vigilant about extremism, and sharp about defending the freedom of speech. Laughter, that is a remedy we need these days.

    1. Thanks, Juha. I am certainly not someone who would need Mohammed caricatures or the like – in fact I am quite sensitive in that aspect – but I absolutely prefer a society where freedom is possible to an immense extent, even if it is painful sometimes. But anything less than that will immediately lead to abuse. Hell, we have enough to do to fight the disparity caused by a boundless reign of money that threats to destroy our social life an coherence.

    1. Yes, Michael, this is indeed a very short and biting joke with a core of truth – even if it might just be an advertisement as Nando is a South African chain of restaurants.

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