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Posing Boys, Kattankudi

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Beach, Batticaloa (OSM)

Those trips to Batticaloa were not only work – organising and coordinating the projects, discussing possible improvements, supporting the newspaper at home with reports – but they marked also the transition of my own photography away from a purely private, visual memory oriented one. Soon I started to upload images to flickr, another year later this blog, and the rest is history in 2700+ posts plus the book on ‘Batticaloa Fishermen’.

Project wise I am still connected with Sri Lanka, but meanwhile more on an NGO level, plus, not to forget, some friends I still have contact with. And: I have learned a lot, and with it my view of the world and of man’s role in it has changed substantially.

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  1. Two excellent photos. The first one is nice with the human element, but that second one is striking – with the great color of that boat set against the (?)ravens and the lines of the oars – so cool.

    1. The first is a bit of a bull’s eye composition, I hope I can do better meanwhile. Still, the contrast of the rubble and the liveliness of the boys is making it interesting. The crows in the second image – kaputa in the local language – they accompagnied me on all my visits and made it even onto the title image of my first photobook.

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