1. There’s a lot going on in this photo, it’s quite rich. In one way it’s a remarkably clean/tidy street reflected in the neat pair of trash bags. It’s also a bit grungy and in the shadow (figuratively) of the Garden Court, the rust colored stains are quite sad. The pained tree hanging on against the odds is poignant.

    1. Michael, Juha: That poignancy, at first glance in the bags, the tree, and the rust was what fascinated me. Together with the grey sky and the barbed wire I thought it already picture-worthy. In a certain way I see in it the pain of Africa, well contrasted with the clean, white, possibility for richness. The “Garden Court” I saw only later.

  2. Great photograph, calmness spiced with something eerie, especially the barbed wire on top and rust flowing down as if blood. “Pained tree” indeed.

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