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  1. Here you have caught well the subleties of light and color. Even though I occasionally have tried b&w, it just isn’t for me, even though I like to view b&w photographs.

    And I’m currently reading a book which tells of “a gray village” where it is forbidden to speak of colors – it is a children’s tale but suits grownups as well. There is something tempting about colors…

    1. Thanks, Juha. Yes – b&w is not easy to make, in spite of one’s preferences to view it. Every so often I have a look at some wonderful work published on Lenswork, but doing it myself is completely different, in spite of having been socialised in photography with the smell of developer and fixer. It is a challenge to find these visual structures that beg to be shown in b&w. Sometimes I succeed, but more often the call of the colors wins.

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