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  1. Ever since I read Leica-expert Erwin Puts’ observation: “…[Henri Cartier-Bresson] made some of the most memorable pictures of the human condition. His best period was from 1930 to 1950 when he traveled the world searching for a reality that could be frozen into a harmonious ballet of players enhanced by a theatrical background.” I was able to better appreciate H. C-B.’s best work, apart from all the babble others insisted on gushing.

    1. Tyler, I saw some of HBC’s early work in the exhibition “Magnum’s First” and I really was transfixed by his images of Ghandi.

  2. Well seen! This shadow reminds me of some type of hieroglyphic and could have been a story into itself without the man on the right.

    1. Thanks, Earl. Sometimes I like to experiment with layers in my images, concocting a mysterious mixture of seemingly unconnected elements, like this man whom I see rudimentary repeating the shape of the shadow.

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