June Downpour

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June Downpour 2 . Tagged with
Munich, Bavaria

I am preparing to leave for this year’s summer holidays, going to Ireland with the family. Hopefully these images of a torrential rainfall in Munich are no indication of the weather we’re going to meet in Ireland! If all goes well, I can resume posting on Sunday – I am somewhat dependant of either available public WLAN or a functioning Irish sim in my UMTS-Stick. If nothing works, this blog will be on hiatus until Sep. 9th, bare some posts I am going to schedule for daily delivery.


  1. Looks like quite the deluge! I like the sense of motion and the dappled light from the streetlights/headlights in the first image.

    Also look forward to seeing some images from Ireland, good luck!

    1. Michael, we certainly got a good wash – underpasses flooded and all that. Might well be that we have to get used to that, unfortunately.

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