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  1. This is simply gorgeous. Perfect in regard to the framing and really nice with the reflections and the sharpness.

    1. Thanks, Martina. I can tell you, getting the bus at 06:00 was *hard* – but it gave me the spare minutes with just the right light.

      1. My alarm clock starts ringing at 8hrs .. lalala .. but on the other hand we have the new landing strip at Frankfurt Airport so the planes start the alarm brooooooooom around 6hrs …
        I really like the sharpness into the deep end of the dov.

        1. Airplane noise at 06:00 is certainly harder, because you have no possibility to switch it off on a lazy day…

          That front to back sharpness is a chance – but also curse – of m43. Shallow DoF is quite hard to obtain. Well, I managed with a Minolta 1,4/85mm (for sale after the holidays), but this lens somewhat dwarfs the G3 on its back end.

  2. Thanks, Michael! Finding such small gems when passing by is what makes life as a photographer so interesting and sometimes rewarding.

  3. I just got lost in the depth(s) of the shot. Once I stopped trying to see what was a reflection and what was not it got even better. Keep getting up early!

    1. James, you beat me to it! As a matter of fact, these morning time slices are pretty much the only undisputed ones and therefore I can dedicated them to photography.

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