1. Although we have no big mountains around Stuttgart, this bike would be useless on one of our countless severe slopes in town.
    Since my wife bought herself a so called pedelec to enjoy more the bike tours with me, one can see me more and more riding on a ladies bike with electrical support 😉

  2. There is more here then meets the eye, something very pleasing to this image. A wonderful composition that makes the whole greater then the parts I think.

  3. Good to see so much feedback on an image I really “saw” before framing and which I now enjoy – the blur is just the right amount and colors and tonalities are pretty much as I wanted them.

    It also is a certain document of farming life, where especially the women have a great share of hard labour – as the man specialize early on the heavy machines, for the wives often remains the tedious work like hacking the weed after they have reached the field by bike. No machine support here, neither in the bike nor on the field.

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