Hommage To Minor White

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Freilassing, Bavaria

Back in 2009 I have bought a copy of “Eye, Mind, Spirit – The Enduring Legacy Of Minor White”, out of a gut reaction when having read Geoff Wittig’s review in the “Online Photographer”. That Amazon had shipped it in insufficient packaging, damaging the corners, is more than an annoyance when dealing with a limited edition of only 1500, but I saw no sense in sending it back and just getting the money refunded. Anyhow, this book features White’s image “Portland, Maine, 1966”, a tight framing of a truck side and wheel with salt forming patterns on the tyre and the paint. This image had anchored itself in the back of my mind and got immediately remembered when I saw that side of the lorry in the image above. Strange enough, I could not find any reproduction of that image on the web.

On a side note: I should stop complaining about stopovers enforced by train delays. This image, again, found me during such a stay in a place where I had not chosen to be, and certainly not at that time. Maybe I should work back through all my posts and add a special tag “train delay” to all the images having been created at such an occasion. It could be that a pattern becomes visible.


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