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  1. Well, a photograph doesn’t really tell anything about history or the future, it is in the moment that has passed by.

    Anyway, once could – with a little bit of imagination – think that the person in question *is* descending, backwards.

    Great capture!

    1. It’s the observer’s mind, getting pricked by some subjectively important detail, that sees content in relationship to reality or presence (sometimes, that is) and then imagination runs wild. Glad that it works for you!

  2. Another of your images that I really like. I see something different . If you observe closely, the harsh shadows confuse the visual evidence that you are looking some steps. It could of course be a vertical wall, in which case the ghost like person might be levitating above ground level like some modern day angel in a suit!

    1. Colin, I most of the time struggle for words when writing captures or text, and sometimes it’s hard to detach from the acting photographers perspective. So I find it reassuring that different interpretations can be found.

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